The Norwegian Solidarity Committee for Latin America (Latin-Amerikagruppene i Norge (LAG) is a solidarity organisation that works to disseminate information on the social, economic and political situation in Latin America. LAG supports the social movements struggle against military oppression, abuse of human rights, discrimination and market liberalism, and for the establishment of a real and participatory democracy. LAG endeavours to have a special focus on the situation for women and has its own committee for womens affairs.

A central theme for LAG is popular control over natural resources. Since the colonial period the value generated by strategic natural resources has been confiscated by the developed nations and their companies, and cultivable land has been very unevenly distributed. The local population has little benefit from the wealth of the continents resources; around half the population in many Latin American countries live below the poverty line, and the region as a whole scores lowest internationally with regard to inequality. The last few years the social movements in Latin America have managed to achieve many of their goals with the help of politically leftwing leaning governments. Especially in Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela, where important reforms have been initiated in the areas of poverty reduction and democratization. LAG works to publicise such examples of democratic development.

Norway, through its bilateral and international agreements, development aid and, not least, its business activity, influences development in Latin America. LAG will work to ensure that Norwegian activity contributes in a positive way to the continent's development in line with the wishes of Latin Americas social movements, and work to expose and counteract activity that is contrary to their struggle. The people of Latin America have the same right to choose their own paths of devolpment as Norway has had historically.

LAG places emphasis on solidarity and a knowledge based, balanced dissemination of information. We therefore endeavour to cooperate with Latin American organisations and associations to help make their struggles known in Norway. Each year we send two solidarity brigades to different countries in Latin America. Each brigade is composed of 10 young Norwegians who work with national and local organisations in their respetive countries, and are comitted to work on projects and information dissemination, also on their return to Norway.

The Latin America Solidarity Organisation is based on voulantary work organised in local chapters and special interest groups throughout the country. We produce books and articles, publish a magazine about Latin America, arrange meetings, seminars and debates and organise public demonstrations. We also arrange meetings with Norwegian authorities and do political advocacy.

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Foto: Damages in the landscape after a dam that was securing mining waste collapsed in Minas Gerais. Photo: Fabio Nascimento

Foto: Damages in the landscape after a dam that was securing mining waste collapsed in Minas Gerais. Photo: Fabio Nascimento


To Brazilians, to national and international social movements, to civil society organizations, to the Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA), to the Justice System and to everyone who is committed to the defence of the rights to life, to water, to health, to land, to territory, to decent work, to food and to an ecologically balanced environment.